Our first blog post!/by Patrick Lahan

I'm so excited to share our first blog post with everyone!  Sarah and I have been planning this endeavor for over two years now and things are just starting to come into focus.  On Monday, I will defend my dissertation.  Assuming things go as planned, I will officially be Dr. Lahan in less than 48 hours!  Then, on Friday, Sarah and I start the drive to Maryland (podcast suggestions are welcomed).  By Sunday, just over a week away, we'll be in our new house in Catonsville.

As if the next week won't be crazy enough, I'm sure the next two months are going to be a real ride.  We've already put in so much work towards getting this studio off the ground and it seems like we're only starting to scratch the surface of everything that we need to do.  We've got to form an LLC, buy insurance, contact everyone on the planet, draft documents, meet parents, plan curricula, get my piano shipped from Florida, plan our wedding.....plenty of stuff, I'd say. It will be fun to share a little bit of that process on this blog and we hope that you enjoy following along.  

Sarah and I would really appreciate any feedback on this website now that it is up and running.  If you have any comments or suggestions, please let us know.  We're hoping to have some better pictures to add to it soon.  Also, we are now accepting students for the coming school year.  Our fall semester will officially start at the end of August/beginning of September but we would like to start interviewing students and parents in the next couple of weeks.  If you know anyone in the Baltimore/DC area that is looking for excellent music teaching from expert teachers, please send them our way.  Until then, keep an eye out for more posts from us.  You can follow us Facebook and Instagram (@lahanstudio).  We'll be on Twitter, Snapchat, and other media sites shortly.