My daughter started her violin lessons with Ms. York five months back and is absolutely loving it! Apart from 'learning' the technical details of playing a violin, I can clearly see my daughter enjoying playing the violin, since we started with Ms. York. Ms. York makes the music lessons really fun for her students through her energy and enthusiasm. At the same time Ms. York pays great attention to detail and encourages my daughter to practice practice practice the basics and fundamentals of violin recital. During the last few months, I have also got to know Dr. Lahan at the studio who my younger daughter will be starting piano lessons with, very soon. Ms. York and Dr. Lahan makes a great team, teaching violin and piano respectively and I am personally exited about taking my two daughters to violin and piano lessons at their studio every week!

Nishanth, father of Ann, age 10

Ms York is a wonderful teacher. She focuses on the details and fundamentals. Her classes are well organized and have specific goal each week. Our child has been making solid progress within less than a year, and enjoyed the lessons. Also she spent time with parents to help create the musical environment at home which is a help to the student. Definitely recommended.

JC, father of Anna, age 6

Dr Lahan is an incredible teacher; patient, knowledgeable, and simply fantastic. He helped us find and purchase a piano and our son is making great progress towards becoming a true musician. The Lahan Music Studio is a great place for anyone to learn from one of the best in the business.

Alex Sr., father of Alex Jr., age 6

My daughter started taking viola lessons in January and has been making great progress in just a short period of time. She was so impressed by the young piano students during group lessons that now she wants to take piano lessons too!

Donna, mother of Alina, age 9

Jelena, mother of Zoran, age 5

Ms. Sarah York has an incredible talent not only for music, but also for working with young children. The children that worked with her, including my own son, enjoyed her classes and made steady progress. She explained new skills and practiced with children in a way that they could really understand and implement them. She also provided a bank of video instructions that enabled parents to reinforce and practice new skills with children at home. I would highly recommend her to any family considering violin lessons for their children.

Tyler, 18

Dr. Lahan was awesome to have as an instructor! He knows how to present material in a way that makes sense and uses a variety of methods to address different learning styles. He definitely helped me with practical ways to learn material and use time efficiently!

Many instrumentalists are either talented musicians or talented teachers. Ms. York is both of these things.  Not only has she helped me improve more than any other teacher has, but she has also encouraged and motivated me more than anyone else.  I would strongly recommend her as an instructor.

Anna, 16