Every student has the potential to play with refined skill and artistry. Consistent deliberate practice is the key to mastery. We focus on teaching our students how to practice effectively to build their skills from week to week.

Our students will become independent thinkers. Students will learn how to solve problems and make informed musical choices.

Skill is the reward. Developing one's talent is hard work. Every student can do it, and the work is worth it. With skill comes the freedom to play creatively and expressively.

Nurture the whole individual. Not every student will become a professional musician, nor should they. Through learning to play the violin or piano well, students will develop leadership, self-confidence, discipline, and a lifelong appreciation for music and the arts.


Comprehensive instructional approach. Our teaching develops all facets of musicianship through ear training, improvisation, listening, kinesthetic awareness, breathing, emphasis on performance experiences, and connections to the other fine arts.

Positive studio community. In the spirit of the Suzuki method, we seek to nurture the whole individual through the study of music.  Although we set high standards for every student, our studio is a safe space to experiment and grow. Mistakes are a necessary part of the learning process and are embraced as opportunities to gain information and move forward.

Standards of excellence. With artfully sequenced teaching, students can play well from their very first notes. The goals at every level are the same, regardless of repertoire:  play expressively with a beautiful sound, using proper technique that allows for creative freedom.

Communication beyond the weekly lesson. Recognizing that a musician's growth is dependent on the work done between weekly lessons, we welcome questions throughout the week. Our social media platforms also provide interactive enrichment for our students and their families beyond lessons and group class.

Highly trained teachers. Dr. Lahan and Ms. York hold graduate degrees in music performance and teaching. They have experience teaching preschoolers through college students and are committed to continued professional growth.